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NEW e-cigarette and vaping regulations May 2017 UK

So what do the new vaping regulations mean?

NEW e-cigarette and vaping regulations May 2017 UK

In case you were unaware, come May 2017 there will be a major shift in how vaping equipment and e-liquids can be sold. The main thing that will change is capacity-- both in refill containers and the pens themselves. It appears that size does matter-- and it needs to be smaller!

What are the regulations?

There are a few laws to be put in place, here is a quick overview:

  • Refill containers can only be sold in bottle sizes up to 10ml. For this reason, you may see prices go up as bulk selling/buying reduces the cost of the product.Vaping pens can only hold up to 2ml of liquid- this means tanks will be a no-go from May 2017 onwards.
  • Nicotine concentration has been capped at 20mg/ml.
  • There will also be an emphasis on packaging and product approvals to ensure quality control of what is being sold on the market. This level of compliance could also lead to an increase in the cost of the product.

So what will happen until then?

Nothing! You can still buy vaping pens and tanks up until that point, e-liquids of any size are legal to buy up until the regulation change in May 2017. However, afterwards if you are seeing tanks or pens over the 2ml limit or refill containers over 10ml limit, it would appear they are breaking the law—which could result in the company or individual facing prosecution.

How will this change my buying experience at Infinity Vape?

We cannot lie, there will be some changes. From 19th May 2017 we will no longer be selling e-liquids over the legislated guidelines and tanks or larger capacity pens will also be discontinued. However, we have already announced some flavours which will be returning at the smaller 10ml size, and so we hope to keep you just as well supplied as ever! Not compromising on quality or variety.

For any additional information regarding the new regulations see the link below:

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